Robin Hvidston, a California native, has been politically active for more than two decades. As your assemblymember she will put the citizens of California first.


She is a person of action and has lobbied state legislators as well as local district offices as an advocate for American workers, veterans, and homeless American families. She has appeared on local and national television stations, including CNN and Fox News, as a reform advocate for securing the United States border. She is a frequent guest on radio programs such as Talkback with Chuck Wilder. Currently, Hvidston partners with organizations and grass roots activists statewide and advocates that unemployed American workers, homeless American families and veterans be the focus of state legislation.


She is currently the executive director for We The People Rising, a grass roots organization that opposes illegal immigration, based in Claremont, CA and the California State Coordinator for The Remembrance Project - with a new Washington, DC, headquarters - which honors American citizens whose killers are in the USA illegally and met with President Trump and appeared onstage with President Trump during his campaign for president.


Robin will work to make the lives of her constituents better! Send a Republican to Sacramento who will fight for you!

The 41st State Assembly District

Los Angeles County

    East Pasadena
    La Verne
    Monrovia – 99.3%
    San Dimas
    Sierra Madre
    South Pasadena


San Bernardino County

    Rancho Cucamonga – 12.3%
    San Antonio Heights

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