"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to improve our schools, infrastructure, and make public safety, a top priority. With nearly a two decades of political experience, I know what it takes to find solutions and get things done."


AB 5
I oppose AB 5 the job killing bill. I will work to repeal it. AB 5 is wrong for businesses and wrong for California.

I oppose any plan to alter Prop. 13 or raise taxes on our California taxpayers.

I have a pro-business platform. The current tax system  in California is unfair and ineffective. Businesses are being driven out of California by high taxes and, in the process, taking jobs with them. I will work to lower taxes and stop the state from over-spending.

Early Prison Release – Public Safety At Risk

I oppose the plan for early release of prison inmates. AB 109 (Public Safety Realignment) is bad public policy.  With prison realignment, hardened prisoners are removed to county jails and released  early. These inmates are transferred to county jails that may not have the proper security or capacity to hold them. This has created havoc in our communities. Local law enforcement should have the ability to identify those that are truly dangerous and divert them to State prison or other secure facilities. I support re-introducing legislation that would return to the "three strikes you are out" policy. I will work to enact  legislation to ensure that dangerous criminals are kept out of our communities.

Border Security and Law Enforcement

A secure border saves lives. In the name of public safety, I will work to repeal  SB 54. Furthermore, our tax dollars in California should be expended upon our needy citizens, such as our foster children, homeless American families,  our citizens with special needs, the disabled and elderly. I will seek to prioritize funding of programs for our veterans who have served our great nation. I support and will be an advocate for the building and maintaining of a border wall to ensure the welfare and public safety of our great state. I have a pro-law enforcement platform, and  I will work to champion legislation to protect and to respect our law enforcement officers.


We need to overhaul the education system in California. Education should focus on essential knowledge and future job skills, not the current agenda-driven curriculum.  A local teacher said, "Common Core has to go.  I could talk for hours on how bad it is.  Common Core took out fiction anthology books and replaced it with non-fiction stories for the most part.  They are so boring! Climate change is woven into everything, even grammar papers!  Even the little books that you read in reading groups are non-fiction for the most part.  It is killing the imagination of these kids and the magic of stories."

Education money is spent at the state level establishing one-size-fits all educational plans that are more about the agendas of special interests than the education of our children. We need to completely overhaul our education system and give local school boards, parents, and teachers the ability  to adopt education plans suitable to their local needs.

College preparation is important, but vocational education should be available to help train our children for jobs that will be ready for them upon graduation from high school. Charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling should be promoted as  viable alternatives to public education.


Stop the bullet train.  Cut our losses and sell back that land to the farmers.  What a boondoggle that only made the crooked people involved rich.

Sacramento must stop taking our transportation money and investing it into bike lanes and mass transit.  Put money into freeways and repaving of our streets.


Infrastructure is taking a backseat to social giveaways.

This includes the absurd power outages in case a fire is nearby.  Sacramento politicians and bureaucrats  have enacted policies that do not allow cutting back vegetation near power poles and because of their incompetence, we the people pay more for electricity and lose our power to boot!  I will prioritize and work to restore and repair our crumbling infrastructure.